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    Press Room

    03/18/2019 Verdict - Social media regulation and mental health: Is a tax the answer?

    03/14/2019 Information Security Buzz - Phishing Attacks Hook Half Of UK Organisation Over The Past Two Years

    03/14/2019 Information Security Buzz - Suspected DDoS Attack Takes Down Social Media Giants

    03/14/2019 SC Magazine UK - Global outages hit Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others

    03/13/2019 Information Security Buzz - Bristol Council Is Phishing Its Own Employees To Improve Security

    03/12/2019 Recorded Future - Yemeni War Emphasizes Importance of Internet Control in Statecraft and Conflict

    03/07/2019 MeriTalk - Cybersecurity Tech Accord Announces New Signatories

    03/07/2019 Information Security Buzz - Security As A Service And Webmail Caught In Phishers’ Cross-Hairs

    03/07/2019 Information Security Buzz - Phishing Campaign Pretends To Be An Anti-Fraud Exercise

    03/07/2019 Information Security Buzz - 3 In 5 Politicians’ Websites Don’t Use Basic HTTPS Encryption

    03/06/2019 TEISS - Spam-based phishing campaigns declined in 2018 but attacks on SaaS users rose

    03/05/2019 Information Security Buzz - Researchers Obtain A Command Server Used By North Korean Hacker Group

    03/04/2019 KrebsOnSecurity - Hackers Sell Access to Bait-and-Switch Empire

    03/04/2019 MISP - MISP 2.4.103 released (aka UI improvements)

    02/27/2019 Computer Weekly - Most UK consumers say Facebook should be regulated

    02/27/2019 TEISS - Over 80% of Britons want government regulation of Facebook

    02/27/2019 Verdict - Facebook regulation welcomed by 8 out of 10 UK consumers

    02/26/2019 Information Security Buzz - Office 365 Phishing Page Comes With Live Chat Support

    02/26/2019 Built In Seattle - Women in tech: 4 Seattle engineers on how they got into the industry

    02/21/2019 Information Security Buzz - Microsoft Says Hackers Targeted EU Thinktanks And NFPs With Phishing Emails

    02/21/2019 SiliconANGLE - Real fake news: Spoofed domains are targeting major media outlets

    02/21/2019 Credit Union Times - New Research Finds Spoofed Media Sites & Lack of GDPR Compliance

    02/21/2019 Forbes - Here Are The Real Fake News Sites

    02/20/2019 Infosecurity Magazine - Domain Squatting a Problem for Many Media Outlets

    02/17/2019 Vice - Venezuela’s Government Appears To Be Trying to Hack Activists With Phishing Pages

    02/15/2019 Information Security Buzz - Collection Of 127 Million Stolen Account For Sale On The Dark Web

    02/15/2019 Forbes - Another 127 Million Records Have Gone On Sale On The Dark Web -- Here's What You Should Do

    02/14/2019 SC Magazine UK - More investment to fight cyber-crime urgently needed say UK police

    02/13/2019 Information Security Buzz - 1 In 3 FHFA Employees Failed Phishing Test

    02/11/2019 SC Magazine UK - BEC scams & banking trojans now organisations’ biggest cyber-threats

    02/07/2019 National Journal - New Lobby Against EU’s Domain-Name Privacy Rules Sparks Congressional Interest

    02/07/2019 Axios - 1 big thing: EU privacy rules hobble online sleuthing

    02/07/2019 Information Security Buzz - WhatsApp Deleting 2 Million Accounts A Month To Combat Fake News On Platform

    02/05/2019 TEISS - New spear-phishing attacks targeting senior executives at multiple firms

    02/05/2019 Information Security Buzz - Password Stealing Spear Phishing Campaign Targets Executives

    02/05/2019 Information Security Buzz - Moggmentum Linked To Kremlin Twitter Output

    02/05/2019 ITPro - Sophisticated new phishing campaign targets the C-suite

    02/04/2019 TEISS - Top phishing scams to avoid in 2019

    02/01/2019 Cyber Security Intelligence - Hackers Use PayPal To Go Phishing

    01/31/2019 Gizmodo - Fake FCC Comments Linked to Ex-Trump Campaign Director's Org, Boosted By Roger Stone

    01/31/2019 Techradar - Netflix phishing scam targeting Aussies via dodgy emails

    01/30/2019 TEISS - Phishing campaign impersonating Netflix to steal customer data

    01/25/2019 KIRO 7 News - Cities may face more cyberhacks in future

    01/24/2019 Information Security Buzz - US Government Announces Emergency Measures To Halt DNS Hijacking

    01/23/2019 Digit - Hackers Combine Ransomware With PayPal Phishing Scam

    01/23/2019 Information Security Buzz - WhatsApp Praised For Curbing Fake News On Its Platform, But There’s More Work To Be Done

    01/22/2019 TEISS - New BEC scam targeting HR departments to swindle salaries unearthed

    01/19/2019 Information Security Buzz - DNS Hijacking Campaign Targeting Infrastructure And Telecomms Discovered

    01/18/2019 Infosecurity Magazine - Hackers Use PayPal to Phish with Ransomware

    01/18/2019 Information Security Buzz - BEC Scammers Targeting Payroll Diverson

    01/18/2019 Information Security Buzz - What Does Brexit Mean For Cybersecurity?

    01/16/2019 Information Security Buzz - Ransomware Attempts To Include PayPal Phish With Ransom Note

    01/15/2019 VMblog - DomainTools 2019 Predictions: Mind the (Cyber Skills) Gap

    01/11/2019 Threatpost - Yet Another Bypass: Is 2FA Broken? Authentication Experts Weigh In

    01/10/2019 SC Magazine - Modlishka pen testing tool could be used for real attacks

    01/06/2019 Information Security Buzz - Twitter Accidentally Promotes PayPal Phishing Scam

    01/03/2019 Dark Reading - Redefining Critical Infrastructure for the Age of Disinformation

    12/14/2018 The Arab Weekly - How Iran spreads disinformation around the world

    12/10/2018 The New York Times - How The Times Analyzed Location Tracking Companies

    12/07/2018 Forensic Magazine - Virtual Case Notes: Cryptomining, Threat Hunting and More in 2019

    12/04/2018 SC Magazine - London Blue cybergang compiled list of 50,000 execs for BEC phishing attacks

    12/03/2018 TEISS - London Blue hackers targeting 35,000 CFOs with spear-phishing attacks

    12/03/2018 Forbes - 60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

    12/03/2018 Security Boulevard - ‘Tis the Season—for a Phishing Frenzy

    12/03/2018 IT Security Guru - As Christmas approaches, 20% of Brits reveal they have been duped by scam emails from ‘trusted’ brands

    11/30/2018 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones - Marriott announces massive data breach; 500 million guests could be targets

    11/30/2018 Medium - What is Threat Intelligence? Importance of Integrated Security Solution

    11/30/2018 Reuters - Underlying Dimensions of Yemen’s Civil War: Control of the Internet

    11/29/2018 TEISS - One in five Brits duped by phishing scams leveraging trusted brand names

    11/28/2018 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones - Don’t be a victim of data breach fatigue

    11/28/2018 Recorded Future - Special Report: How Iran spreads disinformation around the world

    11/27/2018 The Sun - Google Chrome warning over ‘green padlock’ scam that could steal ALL your info

    11/27/2018 Infosecurity Group - EU Voters Worried About Election Hacking and Disinformation

    11/27/2018 TEISS - Three in four Brits fearful of cyber-attacks during elections

    11/23/2018 SC Magazine - Consumers willing to be fleeced for the right Cyber Monday deal

    11/23/2018 SC Magazine - State-sponsored disinformation and critical infrastructure attacks 'biggest threats in 2019'

    11/21/2018 ZDNet - Google Play: Thanksgiving movie rentals cut to $0.99, plus more big discounts

    11/21/2018 Retail Customer Experience - Survey: Consumers OK with security flaws on Cyber Monday

    11/21/2018 Payment Source - Data: Mobile's loose grip on holiday spending

    11/19/2018 Broadband Deals - Consumers shun security for a bargain

    11/19/2018 Infosecurity Magazine - 40% of UK Shoppers Want Cyber Monday Bargains, Half Willing to Buy from Previously Breached Retailers

    11/16/2018 Nextgov - Beware of Black Friday Scams

    11/16/2018 CNET - Black Friday brings out hackers looking to rip you off

    11/15/2018 Tech Republic - Cyber Monday shoppers will overlook past cybersecurity breaches for a good deal

    11/14/2018 KIRO 7 News - Local doctor uses high-tech to prevent strokes and heart attacks

    11/13/2018 Recorded Future - Chinese Threat Actor TEMP.Periscope Targets UK-Based Engineering Company Using Russian APT Techniques

    11/07/2018 Mining Technology - HSBC data breach: Consumer trust “becoming more fragile”

    11/07/2018 VMblog - Keeping up with IoT in 2019

    11/07/2018 SC Magazine - HSBC suffers data breach, customer banking info exposed

    10/26/2018 Travel Weekly - British Airways breached again

    10/25/2018 Channel Partners - Security Roundup: MSP Opportunities, Netsurion, Check Point, Dome9

    10/25/2018 Computer Weekly - Cathay Pacific under fire over breach affecting 9.4 million passengers

    10/25/2018 Computing - Cathay Pacific admits to data compromise of 9.4 million passengers - eight months ago

    10/23/2018 Buzzfeed - Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion-Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme

    10/23/2018 Computer Weekly - Morrisons loses appeal against data breach liability ruling

    10/22/2018 Security Boulevard - Who Is Agent Tesla?

    10/10/2018 Infosecurity Buzz - Russian Midterm Election Interference: Conspicuous By It’s Absence?

    10/05/2018 Infosecurity Group - Fake News Domains Spoof UK News Sites

    10/03/2018 TEISS - Hackers are domain-spoofing UK’s top media firms to spread fake news

    10/03/2018 TEISS - Twitter comes down hard on election hacking with new measures

    10/03/2018 IT Security Guru - Monday saw the cybersecurity industry gather for massive Flash Mob event in London

    09/19/2018 Information Management - Automation tools aiding in the war against cyber threats

    09/13/2018 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones - Internet security expert warns of Hurricane Florence-related donation sites

    09/13/2018 SC Magazine - Ramnit Trojan reveals overlooked seasonal threat to the enterprise

    09/13/2018 Information Security Buzz - UK Business Leaders Warned About Cybersecurity

    09/12/2018 Forbes - The Only Thing You Need To Know About Apple's New iPhone

    09/12/2018 Credit Union Times - Cybersecurity Report Card Shows Grades Rising for Orgs

    09/11/2018 KnowBe4 - What is the secret to keeping your network safe? Training and automation

    09/10/2018 Dark Reading - Global Report Card Survey Reveals Cybersecurity Program Trends Since 2017

    09/10/2018 Business Insider - Back-to-School Security-Style: Global Report Card Survey Reveals Cybersecurity Program Trends Since 2017

    09/10/2018 ITWorld Canada - Rating themselves, more infosec pros think their security posture is improving

    09/10/2018 TechRepublic - The secret to successful cybersecurity programs? Training and automation

    09/05/2018 Security Boulevard - 5 Must-read Resources for SOC and Threat Intelligence Professionals

    09/05/2018 Geekwire - Tech Moves: DomainTools hires to expand globally

    09/04/2018 Business Insider - Organizations Are Finding Threats More Effectively: Results of a SANS Survey

    09/02/2018 KrebsOnSecurity - Alleged ‘Satori’ IoT Botnet Operator Sought Media Spotlight, Got Indicted

    08/31/2018 Forbes - These Are The Most Dangerous Travel Sites In The World

    08/28/2018 SC Magazine - DomainTools Iris Investigation Platform

    08/28/2018 SC Magazine - Threat Intelligence Group Opener

    08/27/2018 Buzzfeed - Revealed: Notorious Pro-Trump Misinformation Site True Pundit Is Run By An Ex-Journalist With A Grudge Against The FBI

    08/25/2018 KrebsOnSecurity - Who’s Behind the Screencam Extortion Scam?

    08/23/2018 Forbes - So You Want A Job In IoT? Here Are The Three Skills Every IoT Company Looks For

    08/21/2018 Medium - #BalticBrief: Kremlin Pivots to Video in the Baltics

    08/17/2018 The Daily Beast - #Resistance Twitter Hero Exposed as Pro-Trump Gamer

    08/16/2018 SC Magazine - Businesses will lose over 146 billion data records between now and 2023

    08/16/2018 Infosec Institute - Top 10 Security Tools for Bug Bounty Hunters

    08/16/2018 Recorded Future - Chinese Cyberespionage Originating From Tsinghua University Infrastructure

    08/15/2018 BT.com - Cybersquatting: everything you need to know about this dangerous new scam

    08/10/2018 Diginomica - Report analysis – AI and automation raises the stakes on IT security skills

    08/07/2018 Ars Technica - Don’t touch that link: Machine learning and the war on phishing

    08/06/2018 GeekWire - Bizible beats Snap! Raise to capture crown in third season of Seattle’s IT Sports League softball

    08/02/2018 KIRO 7 News - Cybercrime Ring Busted

    07/30/2018 TEISS - Developers highly vulnerable to targeted phishing attacks, say experts

    07/27/2018 Built In Seattle - These 8 Seattle companies made big leadership hires in July

    07/23/2018 Global Banking and Finance - Security professionals mourn the loss of Whois data post GDPR, DomainTools survey says

    07/19/2018 IT Pro Portal - GDPR has made life easier for cyberciminals

    07/16/2018 TEISS - UK firms reported 22,800 data breaches in the past year

    07/12/2018 TMCnet | Paula Bernier - Ponemon: AI Will Exacerbate Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

    07/12/2018 Geekwire - Tech Moves: DomainTools hires to expand globally

    07/11/2018 KrebsOnSecurity - Notorious ‘Hijack Factory’ Shunned from Web

    06/28/2018 Seattle Business Magazine - 100 Best Companies to Work For 2018

    06/28/2018 Dark Reading - There's No Automating Your Way Out of Security Hiring Woes

    06/26/2018 CCG Catalyst - Bank Customers Threatened by Scammers and Phishers

    06/26/2018 Recorded Future Blog - RedAlpha: New Campaigns Discovered Targeting the Tibetan Community

    06/25/2018 Becker's Hospital Review - 125+ cybersecurity companies in healthcare to know | 2018

    06/22/2018 BankInfoSecurity - How Contextual Data on Domains Helps Combat Online Attacks

    06/22/2018 The Sun - EASY MONEY Brits should be paid EXTRA for not getting hacked at work, say experts

    06/08/2018 KIRO 7 News - Fake Banking Websites

    06/06/2018 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones - ‘Free Credit Freezes For All’ takes effect Thursday, June 7th in WA

    06/01/2018 MSNBC - Manafort legal defense fund set up for discreet payments

    05/29/2018 KrebsOnSecurity - Will the Real Joker's Stash Come Forward?

    05/19/2018 SC Magazine - Cost of DNS attacks on UK businesses more than doubled since last year

    05/17/2018 KrebsOnSecurity - Tracking Firm LocationSmart Leaked Location Data for Customers of All Major U.S. Mobile Carriers Without Consent in Real Time Via Its Web Site

    05/16/2018 Information Management - AI and machine learning adding to cybersecurity talent shortage

    05/16/2018 GeekWire - Tech Moves: Simple founder steps back from CEO role; new COO for secretive comms startup Osmosis; and more

    05/15/2018 Buzzfeed - A DC Think Tank Uses Fake Twitter Accounts And A Shady Expert To Reach The NSA, FBI, And White House

    05/14/2018 TechFreedom - WHOIS Going to Deal with Cybersecurity: GDPR Edition

    05/14/2018 Security Intelligence - Security Professionals Report Higher Job Satisfaction Despite Sagging Salaries

    05/11/2018 CNN - Alt-right web domain names registered to company that paid Cohen

    05/10/2018 Security Intelligence - Three-Quarters of Organizations Struggle to Attract Qualified IT Security Candidates

    05/09/2018 Computer Business Review - US Cybersecurity Pay Outstrips Europe and Asia: 90% of Professionals Happy

    05/09/2018 IT Business Edge - With GDPR, Password Security Even More Important

    05/04/2018 Irish Mirror - Warning issued as fraudsters using Irish brands including Guinness and Ryanair for clever scam that's catching people out

    05/04/2018 The Irish Sun - SCAM WARNING Cybercriminals falsely mimic big Irish brands including Guinness, Ryanair, Bank of Ireland and Aer Lingus to set up spoof websites targeting online users

    05/03/2018 SC Magazine - Phishing campaign aimed at Airbnb guests uses GDPR hook

    05/03/2018 Credit Union Times - Automation Appears to Worsen Current IT Skills Shortage

    05/03/2018 Infosecurity Magazine - AI Is Not an Easy Fix to Real Staffing Problems

    05/03/2018 Security Boulevard - Think Automation and AI Will Help Close Your Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

    05/02/2018 Dark Reading - Automation Exacerbates Cybersecurity Skills Gap

    05/02/2018 IT World Canada - Cyber Security Today: Will AI solve the cyber security skills shortage, and protect your Facebook account

    05/02/2018 TEISS - London Police launches Cyber Griffin initiative for Square Mile firms

    05/02/2018 CityA.M - City of London Police launch Cyber Griffin initiative to fight online crime in Square Mile

    05/01/2018 Security News - AI: Not the Cure-All for IT Security Skill Shortage

    04/30/2018 ISBuzz News - The Next Generation Of Phishing Scams Reveal Themselves

    04/25/2018 The Daily Beast - Top Trump Fundraiser Caught Working for Assad Ally

    04/18/2018 KrebsOnSecurity - A Sobering Look at Fake Online Reviews

    04/17/2018 Information Security Buzz - Sometimes There Is A Crystal Ball

    04/16/2018 Medium - Beware the Dot.

    04/16/2018 CRN - CRN Exclusive: Recorded Future Turns To The Channel To Help Build Integrations With Other Vendors

    04/12/2018 The Washington Post - Here’s how Trump Soho was marketed to Russians

    04/10/2018 BuzzFeed - The Biggest Black Lives Matter Facebook Page Was A Scam With Links To A White Australian Man

    04/09/2018 ISBuzz News - Just 1% Of Media Companies Feel Confident In Their Cyber Policies

    04/05/2018 SC Magazine - ICANN struggles to make WHOIS GDPR compliant without increasing cyber-crime

    04/04/2018 SC Magazine - Charities across UK are vulnerable to CEO fraud, warns Charity Commission

    04/03/2018 ISBuzz News - Cybercriminals Use Typos To Spoof Top UK Charities

    04/02/2018 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones Confusion Links

    04/01/2018 The Telegraph - EU data laws risk aiding cyber criminals, internet body warns

    04/01/2018 MSN - EU data laws risk aiding cyber criminals, internet body warns

    03/28/2018 ISBuzz News - Email Cyberattacks

    03/21/2018 SPAMfighter News - Taxpayers Become Vulnerable to Latest Phishing Scams

    03/19/2018 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones Tax Day Protections

    03/18/2018 Express - WhatsApp ALERT - Police warn users about this shock new scam

    03/15/2018 Consumer Affairs - Taxpayers vulnerable to new phishing scams

    03/09/2018 MarTech Advisor - DMARC and eCommerce: What Marketers Need to Know

    03/08/2018 The New York Times - One Hotel, but Two Competing Websites (and a Single Mention of Trump)

    03/08/2018 ISBuzz - Charities Warned Over Cybersecurity

    02/23/2018 Help Net Security - New infosec products of the week?: February 23, 2018

    02/12/2018 Krebs OnSecurity - Domain Theft Strands Thousands of Web Sites

    02/12/2018 Express Online - WhatsApp scam WARNING - Thousands already duped make sure you’re not next

    02/12/2018 Ary News - Beware of this new WhatsApp scam!

    02/11/2018 Graphic Online - WARNING: WhatsApp scam, thousands already duped make sure you’re not next!

    02/08/2018 InfoSecurity Magazine - 81% of Cybersecurity Pros See Value in Threat Intelligence

    02/06/2018 The Guardian - EU data protection law may end up protecting scammers, experts warn


    02/06/2018 IS Buzz News - NameCheap Name Server Vulnerability Allows Unauthorized Users To Create Sub-Domains

    02/05/2018 Gizmodo - There's a Reddit Clone Phishing People Who Type Too Fast

    02/05/2018 IS Buzz News - CEO Scams Surge As Almost All Organizations Targeted In 2017, Survey Says

    02/04/2018 Security Magazine - Cybersecurity Workers are Getting Paid!

    02/02/2018 Forensic Magazine - Virtual Case Notes: ‘Homograph’ Phishing Attacks Make Near-perfect Copies of Popular Domain Names

    02/02/2018 Motherboard - WHATIS Going to Happen With WHOIS?

    02/02/2018 www.computing.co.uk - All businesses targeted by CEO phishing scams - losses estimated at $5.3bn

    02/01/2018 InfoSecurity Magazine - US Government in Whois GDPR Warning

    02/01/2018 Retail Sector - Why retailers are losing the fight against online counterfeiting

    01/31/2018 IS Buzz News - US Government Pushes Back On Scale Back Of Whois Information

    01/31/2018 IT Pro - Cybersecurity experts to enjoy highest salary increase in 2018

    01/30/2018 Infosecurity Magazine - Cybersecurity Salaries to Increase 7% in 2018

    01/29/2018 CIO - The 11 most difficult IT hires today

    01/24/2018 Gizmodo - As Crosscheck Moves to Secure Voter Data, Hacking Fears Grow Among Experts and Politicians

    01/22/2018 Tech.co - 5 Ways to Protect Your Domain Name From Cyber Threats

    01/18/2018 VMBlog - Ransomware and DDoS on the Move

    01/15/2018 Tech Pro Research - Cybersecurity in 2018: A roundup of predictions

    01/13/2018 The Daily Beast - MartinLutherKing.Org is Owned by Neo-Nazis

    01/11/2018 ThreatConnect Blog - Duping Doping Domains

    01/11/2018 satPRnews - Botnets

    01/04/2018 KIRO 7 News - Computer Chip Concerns: How to Protect Your Information

    01/04/2018 IBTimes - Ransomware attacks could take over cyberspace in 2018, say experts

    01/02/2018 TechRepublic - Ransomware and DoS attacks will continue to grow in 2018

    12/28/2017 ThreatConnect Blog - Please Do Not Feed the Phish

    12/22/2017 TechRepublic - It's the most wonderful time of the year for cybercrime; here's how to keep your customers safe

    12/20/2017 ISBuzz News - Credit Card Stealing Malware Targets UK Christmas Shoppers

    12/14/2017 CBC - These fake news sites want you believe they're based in Quebec — but they aren't

    12/11/2017 ITBusinessEdge - Predictions for 2018: Concerns Surrounding Cryptocurrency

    12/07/2017 Information Security Buzz - How Encrypted Sites Are Used To Legitimize Phishing Scams

    12/06/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Kylie Makeup, Yeezy Trainers and Holiday Online Shopping Scam

    12/04/2017 Inquirer.net - Phishing: Beware of malicious sites that steal your personal data

    12/03/2017 Kenosha News - Keep your online holiday shopping safe and secure

    12/02/2017 Inquirer - Phishing: Beware of malicious sites that steal your personal data

    12/01/2017 Stillwater News - Ask City Hall: Tips from the City of Stillwater on avoiding scammers

    12/01/2017 isBuzz News - Europol Seizes 20,000 Rogue Websites

    12/01/2017 ABS-CBN News - ABS-CBN warns fans of Filipino films, TV shows vs malware sites

    11/29/2017 Newsweek - Dark Web Drug Markets Growing ‘Exponentially’ As Police Busts Target Open Web

    11/29/2017 Yahoo Finance - Dark Web Drug Markets Growing ‘Exponentially’ as Police Busts Target Open Web

    11/27/2017 Huffington Post - Don’t Be Santa Claus to Criminals This Cyber Monday

    11/27/2017 NBC News - Cyber Monday: Here’s how you can protect your information while shopping

    11/27/2017 Forbes - How To Avoid Cyber Monday Scams

    11/27/2017 Rockford Register Star - Dennis Horton: Watch out for fake apps while chasing deals

    11/27/2017 KNWA - Cyber Monday Security: Protecting Your Information

    11/26/2017 Forbes - 60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018

    11/24/2017 Yahoo Finance - Now I Get It: Spotting social media coupon scams

    11/24/2017 The Seattle Times - Tips for holiday shoppers on how to avoid cyber scams

    11/24/2017 Opposing Views - Amazon Scam Luring People In On Black Friday

    11/24/2017 Asbury Park Press - Cyber Monday 2017: 5 ways to shop safely

    11/22/2017 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones - Beware of Black Friday Phishing Scams

    11/22/2017 WTVA - Beware of Common Holiday Shopping Scams

    11/21/2017 Security Weekly - Kyle Wilhoit, DomainTools – Paul’s Security Weekly #537

    11/21/2017 Krebs onSecurity - Correcting the Record on vDOS Prosecutions

    11/20/2017 Business2Community - Secure Your Identity for Cyber Monday 2017

    11/20/2017 KOMO 4 - Consumer Alert

    11/20/2017 News 19 - Black Friday Frenzy

    11/20/2017 USA Today - 5 things you need to know Monday

    11/17/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Fake Black Friday Apps Set to Cause Consumer Chaos

    11/17/2017 ShopSafe - UK consumers most likely to suffer online scams

    11/17/2017 USA Today - Fake Amazon gift cards, phony Walmart sites and other cyber scams tempt holiday shoppers

    11/16/2017 Tech.Co - The 7 Steps to Shopping Safely Online

    11/16/2017 Detroit Free Press - Fake Amazon gift cards, phony Walmart sites and other cyber scams tempt holiday shoppers

    11/15/2017 VMBlog - DomainTools 2018 Predictions: The Battle Between Internet Privacy & Access Heats Up in 2018

    11/13/2017 Consumer Affairs - Beware of phishing scams this holiday season

    11/10/2017 Fighting Identity Crime - Secure Your Identity for Cyber Monday 2017

    11/09/2017 Credit Union Times - Shoppers Still Falling for Phishing Scams as Holiday Season Approaches

    11/09/2017 Tech.Co - 3 Steps to Avoiding Phishing Scams on Cyber Monday

    11/09/2017 TechRepublic - Video: Predicting 2018's biggest cyber-threats

    11/08/2017 Media Post - Don't Be Phish Bait: Study Predicts Cyber Monday Surge

    11/08/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Beware Cyber Monday Scams Targeting UK Consumers

    11/07/2017 KIRO 7 News - Jesse Jones - Hamilton Ticket Buyers Beware

    11/02/2017 ThreatConnect Blog - Fancy Bear Pens the Worst Blog Posts Ever

    11/02/2017 VMblog - Cybersecurity Outlook 2018: Rise of the Machines

    10/27/2017 SC Magazine - Password reuse results in Coinhive DNS Server used to mine Monero

    10/25/2017 CNN - From Silicon Valley to Staten Island, Russian troll sites kept online by American companies

    10/24/2017 ThreatPost - Whois Maintainer Accidentally Makes Password Hashes Available for Download

    10/17/2017 BuzzFeed - Attack of the Zombie Websites

    10/12/2017 SC Magazine - Another AWS leak exposes 150,000 Patient Home Monitoring Corp. client records

    10/12/2017 Rappler - SEC warns public against investing in Pluggle

    10/06/2017 Information Age - Cyber attacks threaten to bring down electricity infrastructure

    10/03/2017 Huffington Post - The Neo-Nazis Are Back Online

    10/03/2017 Yahoo Finance - Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Have Secret Email Account Hosted by Trump Organization

    10/03/2017 Newsweek - Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner have secret email account hosted by Trump organization

    10/03/2017 Medium - Jared and Ivanka’s secret email addresses are hosted by the Trump Org

    09/27/2017 BuzzFeed - Welcome To The Age Of Cheap Overseas Information

    09/26/2017 Newsweek - ISIS Cyber Jihadis Are ‘Garbage’ at Hacking, Top Research Says

    09/25/2017 The Hill - Overnight Cybersecurity: Dem investigating Kushner's use of private email | Deloitte suffers breach | SEC under scrutiny for hack

    09/25/2017 BBC - Poor coding limits IS hackers' cyber-capabilities, says researcher

    09/25/2017 The Hill - Researcher: ISIS hackers not 'as capable as most cybercriminal groups'

    09/25/2017 Evening Standard - Isis being hindered by 'really, really bad' coding skills

    09/25/2017 Dot Emirates - Poor coding limits IS hackers' cyber-capabilities, says researcher

    09/25/2017 Kenya Business Channel - IS hackers have ‘poor coding skills’

    09/25/2017 Techsite.io - Poor coding limits IS hackers' cyber-capabilities, says researcher

    09/25/2017 SecNews24 - Experts say United Cyber Caliphate hackers have low-level cyber capabilities

    09/25/2017 The Register - Shock! Hackers for medieval caliphate are terrible coders

    09/13/2017 Computer Business Review - Carpe Diem: How to Seize the Phish

    09/08/2017 Ars Technica - Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever

    09/08/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Bug Exposed .UK Domains to Hijacking Risk for Months

    09/07/2017 CyberWire - The daily briefing - 09.07.17

    09/07/2017 CyberWire - The CyberWire Daily Podcast for 09.07.17

    09/07/2017 Security Weekly - Tech Segment: Kyle Wilhoit, DomainTools – Paul’s Security Weekly #528

    09/06/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - MongoDB Customers Held to Ransom Again

    09/06/2017 Adweek - Luxury Brands Just Got One More Reason to Hate the Internet: Spoofing

    09/05/2017 Malwarebytes - Expired domain names and malvertising

    09/05/2017 The Fashion Law - Gucci, Hermès, Chanel, Givenchy Among Top Brands Being Targeted by Cybersquatters

    09/05/2017 Krebs OnSecurity - Who Is Marcus Hutchins?

    08/31/2017 Dark Reading - Hackers Cybersquat on Hundreds of Luxury Fashion Brand Domains

    08/31/2017 Cyber Security News - Cyber-squatters Target Luxury Brands from Fendi to Prada

    08/31/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Cyber-squatters Target Luxury Brands from Fendi to Prada

    08/30/2017 MarketWatch - ‘Fecalboy.com’ is just one of the nasty domain names Trump pal Felix Sater used to target a common foe

    08/30/2017 The Daily Beast - Trump Pal Bought IAmAF**got.Com and VaginaBoy.Com, Then the Sites Attacked Their Mutual Enemy

    08/24/2017 BuzzFeed - How A Global Media Company Uses Overseas Labour And A Ghost Office To Power Its Australian Edition

    08/24/2017 International Business Times - EasyJet free ticket giveaway scam is duping customers with fake boarding passes

    08/24/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Facebook Typosquatting Campaign Harvests User Info

    08/24/2017 Compute Scotland - Hyper-squatting and praying on job seekers

    08/24/2017 The Daily Beast - Inside the Mysterious Fake-Islamic Site Posting Hacked Nude Photos of A-List Celebrities

    08/24/2017 ISBuzz News - Fancy Bears Leak Names Of Footballers Using Banned Medicines During World Cup In 2010

    08/23/2017 SC Magazine - Fancy Bears release data on footballers' TUE drug use after new hack

    08/23/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Records Leaked for 25 Footballers Using Banned Substances in 2010 World Cup

    08/23/2017 Computer Weekly - Russian hackers expose allegedly doping footballers

    08/22/2017 Baseline Magazine - What Info Security Pros Think About Fake News

    08/17/2017 eWeek - Study Shows Cyber-Security Pros Confident They Can Find Threats

    08/15/2017 BuzzFeed - How A Hoax Made To Look Like A Guardian Article Made Its Way To Russian Media

    08/08/2017 BuzzFeed - Inside The Partisan Fight For Your News Feed

    08/07/2017 Geekwire - Whitepages beats SimplyMeasured in IT Sports League’s softball championship game

    08/06/2017 Huffington Post - What’s The Future Of IoT Security?

    08/01/2017 ComputerWorld Australia - The 5 biggest ransomware attacks of the last 5 years

    08/01/2017 CSO Online - The 5 biggest ransomware attacks of the last 5 years

    07/29/2017 Bloomberg - Alleged Russian Hacker’s Arrest Caps Long Cybercrime Career

    07/29/2017 ABC - Russian man wanted by US alleged to be prolific spam master

    07/29/2017 The Seattle Times - Russian man wanted by US alleged to be prolific spam master

    07/29/2017 CNBC - Russian man wanted by US alleged to be prolific spam master

    07/29/2017 The Daily Herald - Alleged Russian hacker's arrest caps long cybercrime career

    07/29/2017 The Fresno Bee - Russian man wanted by US alleged to be prolific spam master

    07/29/2017 Press Herald - Russian wanted by U.S. called a cybercrime pioneer

    07/28/2017 ISBuzz News - Microsoft Uses Domain Names In Legal Battle Against Russian Hackers

    07/24/2017 The Register - AlphaBay and Hansa: About those dark web marketplaces takedowns

    07/22/2017 ISBuzz News - AlphaBay And Hansa Dark Web Sites Taken Down After Globally Coordinated operation

    07/20/2017 SC Magazine - International operation takes down AlphaBay, Hansa dark web markets

    07/20/2017 The Mirror - Police shut down AlphaBay online drugs marketplace 'ten times the size of Silk Road'

    07/20/2017 The Daily Beast - The Trump Organization Owns TrumpAndOJ.com. Here’s Why.

    07/20/2017 Dark Reading - Major Online Criminal Marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa Shut Down

    07/19/2017 The Register - CoinDash crowdfunding hack further dents trust in crypto-trading world

    07/06/2017 Dark Reading - Hacking the State of the ISIS Cyber Caliphate

    07/05/2017 Krebs OnSecurity - Who is the GovRAT Author and Mirai Botmaster ‘Bestbuy’?

    06/30/2017 SC Magazine UK - Linux systemd flaw could leave systems open to a buffer overflow attack

    06/29/2017 Luxury Daily - Luxury brands, cheap domains: Why retailers are losing the fight against online impostors

    06/23/2017 SC Magazine - Survey: Experts say 'fake news' changing UK's political landscape

    06/22/2017 Future of Everything - Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s The Future Of IoT Security?

    06/20/2017 The Daily Beast - The Domain Troll Behind Pro-Trump Stunts

    06/16/2017 Infosecurity Magazine - Samsung Makes Rookie Mistake, Exposing Millions of Smartphones

    06/16/2017 Forensic Magazine - Virtual Case Notes: Cheap-Prada.com? Gucci.ninja? A Look at Counterfeit Domains

    06/16/2017 Becker’s Hospital Review - 107 cybersecurity companies in healthcare | 2017

    06/06/2017 Dark Reading - Why Phishing Season Lasts All Year for Top US Retailers

    05/26/2017 Forensic Magazine - Virtual Case Notes: Internet-connected Toys Put Children’s Cybersecurity On The Line

    05/26/2017 Krebs OnSecurity - Trump’s Dumps: ‘Making Dumps Great Again’

    02/20/2019DomainTools Uncovers Spoofed Media Domains in “State of the Domain” Study

    11/28/2018As Christmas approaches, 20% of Brits reveal they have been duped by scam emails from ‘trusted’ brands

    11/19/201840% of British consumers grab a Cyber Monday bargain, but half of them are happy to shop with a previously breached company

    11/15/2018Survey: Consumers are Willing to Overlook Security Flaws for Cyber Monday but Less Trusting Remainder of the Year

    11/01/2018DomainTools Kicks Off Threat Intelligence Workshop Series in New York City

    09/10/2018Back-to-School Security-Style: Global Report Card Survey Reveals Cybersecurity Program Trends Since 2017

    08/23/2018It would be very easy for children to venture onto an unsafe website, DomainTools survey says

    08/07/2018DomainTools Releases New Integration with Maltego for Streamlined Incident Response

    07/19/2018Security professionals mourn the loss of Whois data post GDPR, DomainTools survey says

    07/12/2018DomainTools Expands Fast-Growing Leadership Team

    05/15/2018 DomainTools Introduces New Threat Hunting Capabilities in the Iris Investigation Platform

    05/09/2018 DomainTools Appoints VP of Product and VP of Engineering

    05/01/2018 DomainTools and Ponemon Institute Report: Automation and AI Will Exacerbate Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

    04/04/2018 Cybercriminals use typos to spoof top UK charities

    03/13/2018 DomainTools Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community

    02/27/2018 Cybersecurity Study Reveals Rise of Threat Hunting to Combat Wave of Cybersecurity Threats

    02/21/2018 DomainTools Launches Innovative Predictive Domain Risk Scoring Model

    02/07/2018 81 Percent of Cybersecurity Pros Agree: Cyber Threat Intelligence Improves Prevention, Detection, and Response Capabilities

    02/02/2018 DomainTools to Co-Host SANS Webinar on Cyber Threat Intelligence

    01/30/2018 DomainTools Named Prestigious “Value Leader” in EMA’s Inaugural Radar Report for Digital Threat Management

    12/13/2017 Is the UK getting better at identifying scams?

    11/02/2017 A third of the UK plans to grab a bargain this Cyber Monday


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